Sex in the bathroom

Avril entered the bathroom first. She was trying to contain herself so that she didn’t cum before he was able to stow away and get to the bathroom. The passenger went in after some time later as not to draw attention to himself or the situation that was about to happen. The bathroom was very small and cramped so he unbuttoned his pants, slid them down, and sat on the toilet. Avril took off her tight and panties as if she was going to record a video for there. She rode his dick as she felt her orgasm building. She couldn’t wait any longer. She had to cum. She moaned loudly as her pussy massaged his dick. He pushed her hips down and thrust up hard into her making her cum again. He pushed up harder and faster until he exploded filling her tight pussy with cum.

How to be a sexy girl

Within minutes Nia had hundreds of comments. One comment in particular was from a guy that she knew from college but never had to nerve to speak to. He was telling her that she looked sexy and asking if he could come over. She quickly responded to his comment and agreed to let him come over. They agreed on a time of eight o’clock which gave her plenty of time to pull herself together for her sexy date. She put on a tight white button down shirt and a short skirt with no panties already anticipating what would happen tonight.